Using ACI Sky™ Flood

ACI Sky™ Flood is a service provided by ACI that integrates directly with FEMA and allows you to generate flood determination for the subject property and import the property’s census tract information directly into a report. An active Sky Flood license or Appraiser Subscription is required.


Setting Default Map Providers

Selecting a default provider for location maps enables the toolbar icon to launch ACI Sky Maps with one click.

  1. Click Options > Environment> Mapping.
  2. Select Sky Flood from the Create Flood Maps Using drop-down list.
  3. Click OK to save the selection.


Generating a Flood Map

  1. You can generate a new location map in three ways
    • Click Tools > Mapping > Sky Flood
    • Click eServices > Flood Maps > Sky Flood
    • Click on the Flood Map icon on the toolbar.
  1. If prompted, enter the Web Product Permission Password (Company Password) and click OK.
  2. At the Flood Map screen, ACI will automatically adjust the map to fit your Subject. Hover your mouse over the Subject to make adjustments.
  3. After making ANY adjustment click Update Flood Determination.
  4. Click Accept Map to save the map to the current report.
  5. At the Import screen, select the Flood Map page and then OK to import the map.
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