ACI Report™

ACI One is the complete software solution with all the tools needed to run your appraisal business.


The ACI One Collection includes smarter, faster, and better features to improve your appraisal productivity. Appraisers are raving about ACI One’s Launchpad, advanced forms management, the weighted value calculator, express MISMO® XML delivery, smart merge cloning, improved UAD helper windows, and gPAR forms and LaunchPad.

Learn more about ACI Report below!

Form Filling

ACI comes packed with over 500 forms, including the most up-to-date UAD forms, ACI’s general purpose forms (gPAR), and many more!

ACI Sky™ Data

Fueled by public record data sourced from First American®, ACI Sky™ Data is available for most major metropolitan areas in the United States.

ACI OpenHouse

This innovative inspection tool was designed for an appraiser to facilitate an exchange with an inspection contact to collect property data that includes photos and responses to a short survey.


ACI Report™

Report contains hundreds of appraisal reports available for every type of assignment. Always updated and current with industry standards, Report is the true flagship product of the ACI One Collection.

Reports, addenda, images, sketches, and signatures are all stored in ACI’s Rapid file which provides superior management, stability and performance.

An extensive forms library boasts hundreds of Residential, Commercial, Construction, Broker, Home Inspection, and several client-specific forms to suit all your reporting needs.

Advanced Form Management

ACI’s vast library of over 500 forms is impressive, but it’s also a lot to sift and sort through when looking for an addendum. The enhanced forms management tool provides the ability to filter using pre-defined form groups or search by keywords. Additionally, you can create your own favorites list of frequently used forms for quick selection. The new Add/Remove tool provides a form preview to verify you’re selecting the right form. The new forms tool also includes some industry-exclusive functionality like user defined form groups and the ability to move multiple forms into a report at once.

ACI Analytics™

ACI Analytics is an eService for ACI Report™ to help you analyze market conditions, examine property characteristics, select comparables, and perform statistical analysis. The product is designed to be simple and easy to use. Analytics is structured in modules, so you have the flexibility to use only the sections that you feel comfortable with and that apply to your market.

ACI Track™

Track produces reports to help measure office productivity, including appraisal turnaround time, workload, unassigned orders, and administrative reports, including receivables, commission, client statements and more.

Track allows users to manage clients, appraisers, fees; sort and filter reports by city, appraiser, etc., and import order data to and from appraisal reports. 

ACI Research™ and Comp CrossCheck

Research allows users to search for comps using several field parameters; view full comps, including thumbnail photos; import comps and photos directly into forms; and export comps and photos from Report to Research.

Avoid “self-discrepancy” messages in the UCDP findings with a simple keyboard shortcut from within the comps grid. This quick-key launches CrossCheck in ACI Report, a feature that enables you to:

  • Preview the comparable data from your records.
  • Compare discrepancies and replace all of the data with one click.
  • Merge the data and fill in the gaps.

System Requirements

*Please note: The specs listed below are intended to provide the least amount of resources for ACI Report to run on your system. This will greatly impact your experience using our software.

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or Higher
  • CPU: 2GHz +
  • RAM: 6GB +
  • Storage: 5GB + (free space)
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Satellite
  • Browser should be updated to within the latest two versions.
  • Current on Windows Updates

A list of our unsupported environments can be found here.