Using ACI OpenHouse™

What is ACI OpenHouse™

ACI OpenHouse is a data-gathering and inspection tool that allows you to send a property survey questionnaire to the homeowner or other property contact and import their answers into your report. This gives you the freedom to conveniently accept participation from any respondent with internet access and import property facts and photos at will. No inspection app installation is required for you or property contact; simply run ACI WebUpdate once to add the ACI OpenHouse eService, and you’re ready to go. With OpenHouse, ACI will send a short property survey to the property contact’s email address and, when they tap the link on their internet-capable device, their browser will launch them into a simple Inspection interface – no special App required. Once they are done and tap “Submit,” an email with an Access Code will be sent to you, so you can retrieve the data into your report.

Getting Started

  1. Open or create a report that contains a Subject Property address.
  2. Click eServices > ACI OpenHouse > Property Survey Request

The ACI OpenHouse window appears, with two choices:

New Survey Request
Click New Survey Request to send the survey to the recipient’s email address.

Retrieve Survey Responses
Click Retrieve Survey Responses to import the survey information associated with that property.

New Survey Request

  1. When you click New Survey Request, ACI OpenHouse prompts you to confirm or edit the Subject Street Address. Click OK.
  2. Input the Property Contact’s Email (survey recipient) and Your Email. Click OK

Retrieve Survey Responses

When you click Retrieve Survey Responses, copy and paste the Access Code into the ACI OpenHouse dialog and click OK.

Tip: Importing data will overwrite/update fields that already have data or photos.

Managing your surveys and responses

Upon completing a survey, a respondent may continue to add information to their survey (for example, if you contact them to request an additional photo). They may click on the original survey link, or you may send them a new Request.

Workfile PDF
When surveys are submitted, a PDF summary of the questions, answers, and photos will be emailed to you.

Data Persistence
When surveys are created, the respondent has up to seven days to follow the link and Submit inspection data. If they do not perform this action before the seven days have elapsed, a New Survey Request will be required.

Once the survey has been created, no matter how many times it’s been updated and resubmitted, you have 10 days from the origination of the New Survey to import and save the data.

Data Available for Import
ACI OpenHouse provides the homeowner/property contact a series of survey questions, not all of which they may have the answer to. The survey can be submitted without all questions being answered (or photos being provided), so it is important to ensure you review all the responses and coordinate any additional follow-up or conversation directly with the contact. For the data available for input through the survey, the grid (and conditional items) is below.

ACI OpenHouse can be used for any ACI report, however full data mapping is supported in standard GSE/FHA forms. Other forms require some data input through the work file document.

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