Using ACI Analytics

What is ACI Analytics?

ACI Analytics is an eService for ACI Report™ to help you analyze market conditions, examine property characteristics, select comparables, and perform statistical analysis. The product is designed to be simple and easy to use. Analytics is structured in modules, so you have the flexibility to use only the sections that you feel comfortable with and that apply to your market.

Analytics is comprised of five modules:

  • The 1004MC
  • Market Analysis with Graphing
  • Comparable Selection and Map
  • Key Characteristic Histograms
  • Linear Regression Analysis (using individual components of value)


Getting Started

ACI Analytics can be launched right from ACI Report and is included with our Appraiser and Company Subscription Plans. To get started, create a new report and populate the subject’s address and basic information.

  1. In a report, go to eServices > Import Analysis Data > ACI Analytics. 
  2. At the Subject tab, confirm the Subject’s information and characteristics or click Get Subject Data.
  3. Select Listing Service or File.

Note: ACI Analytics includes two data source methods to import from. Users can select Listing Service or File.

  • DataTree powers ACI’s Listing Service. The Listing Service will allow you to adjust your Data Range, Proximity, and GLA range.
  • Users can also import their MLS data via a CSV or txt file from their preferred MLS provider.  After selecting File, load your CSV file and select your MLS Provider Map*. Instructions on creating custom MLS provider map can be found here.
  1. At the Data tab, you’ll be presented with the data table where you can exclude properties from your analysis.
  2. Click Next through each module or navigate using the tabs at the top.
  3. The 1004MC module displays the inventory totals from your MLS data throughout the last two years. Select the Overall Trend dropdown to complete the 1004MC section; this will fill in the appropriate fields in your report.
  4. The Market Graphs module illustrates the items on the 1004MC. These graphs can be excluded by deselecting the checkbox to the upper left of the graph image. Hover over graph elements to see the figures that they represent. You also can edit the graph title and comment areas within this window.
  5. In the Comp Selection module,  hover your cursor over a map marker to display property details. You can also click to jump to the appropriate row in the data table. From the data table, you can filter by sales and listings; you can limit your observations to the most recent by adjusting the date (by default, this is set to the past six months) and set an address to Observation or designate it as a comp.
  6. In the Property Characteristics module, you’ll find histograms of each key characteristic of value. Here you have the same abilities on this graph page as the others, like deselecting the checkbox to exclude a graph, hovering on a point to reveal the values, and the ability to provide additional comments.
  7. In the Regression Analysis module, ACI Analytics provides simple linear regression where each variable is plotted separately on a scatterplot. These graphs will include all the data from your import, except what you chose to exclude from the analysis. The regression graphs display indicated model slope values and the model fit % (r2). Just like in the other charts, you can include whichever ones you’d like and provide comments on the individual components.
  8. When you’re ready to import to ACI Report, click Import into ACI.


Custom MLS Service Provider Map

ACI Analytics includes maps from the majority of significant MLS providers, however, there may be instances where users need to create a custom map for importing from their chosen MLS provider. Please follow these instructions to set up your custom map.


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