Appraiser Subscription

ACI’s Appraiser Subscription is an annual plan designed specifically for real estate appraisal professionals. This comprehensive plan includes a single-user license for two of our flagship products: ACI Report and SureStep® mobile, providing a full suite of tools essential for efficiently running your appraisal business.

Features included in the Appraiser Plan are:

  • Advanced Form Filler with access to over 500 forms, encompassing the latest UAD forms, our custom general-purpose forms (gPAR), and many others.
  • Unlimited access to Location and Flood Maps for comprehensive property analysis.
  • ACI Research™ and Comp CrossCheck to ensure accurate comparable selection.
  • ACI Sky™ Data – harnessing the power of DataTree® for robust public record information.
  • PAR Logic and various Vendor Rulesets for compliance and quality control.
  • Seamless delivery of reports in MISMO XML and ENV formats.
  • Integration with SureStep® mobile for efficient inspection workflows.
  • Dedicated customer support available via phone, chat, and email to assist with any software-related inquiries.

If you’re a single user needing multiple computers or your operation needs support for multiple users, consider upgrading to our Company Membership Plan.

All you need to complete professional appraisal reports!

$649.00 / year