Report Pro™

Real Estate Appraisal Software for Canada

CRAL Collection

CRAL provides a complete software solution for Canadian appraisers. Combining an intuitive interface, and seamless integration between applications, CRAL provides all the power and speed needed to increase productivity and improve efficiency.

Reports, addenda, images, sketches, and signatures are all stored in CRAL’s Rapid file, which provides superior management, stability, and performance.

Report Pro

Report Pro™ comes packed with over 500 forms, including the most up-to-date AIC, CNA, and Solidifi forms. 


Track allows users to manage clients, appraisers, and fees; sort and filter reports by city, appraiser, etc.; and import order data to and from appraisal reports.

ACI Sketch™

ACI Sketch™ is a draw-first application; there is no need to define an area that has yet to be drawn. In ACI Sketch you are free to edit anything at just about any time.

System Requirements

*Please note: The specs listed below are intended to provide the least amount of resources for Report Pro to run on your system. This will greatly impact your experience using our software.

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or Higher
  • CPU: 2GHz +
  • RAM: 6GB +
  • Storage: 5GB + (free space)
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Satellite
  • Browser should be updated to within the latest two versions.
  • Current on Windows Updates

A list of our unsupported environments can be found here.