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How to Map a CSV File for ACI Analytics

  1. In a report, go to eServices > Import Analysis Data > ACI Analytics. 
  2. At the Subject tab, confirm the Subject’s information and characteristics or click Get Subject Data.
  3. Select File.
  4. Select the dropdown for MLS Provider Map and select Create New Map then New or Edit.
  5. At the New MLS Map window click Browse select your CSV file then click Load.
  6. Under Map Name, enter a name.
  7. After loading your CSV data it will appear under MLS Columns, clicking on each will display the corresponding data under MLS Column Data.
  8. From the MLS Columns list using the left arrow, match the appropriate MLS Column to the Mapped Columns.
  9. Once finished, click Save.

Please note: Not all the headers in the MLS Columns will match that of the ACI Columns. For instance, Sale Date and Sale Price may show as Closed Date and Closed price. Logic will be needed to try to interpret the information correctly. Also, not all of the fields that show in the MLS Columns will be available for use in the Mapped Columns.

Asterisks next to the ACI Column indicate a required field. Excluding required fields may cause discrepancies in your regression and histograms.

The MLS Map will be saved to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ACI\ESERVICES\Analytics\Maps.

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