Printing to PDF

Looking for instructions on generating an XML AND PDF? Click here.

  1. Open a report.
  2. Click File > Print Adobe PDF, or click the Print PDF icon, or press ALT+P on the keyboard.
  3. Select the file location directory. Enter the File Name, select Save as Type – PDF Files, and click Save.
  4. Select the Print Components.

Select all –  Includes all forms.
Deselect all – Excludes all forms. Manually select the forms to print.
Invert Automatically –  deselects the previously selected forms and selects the previously unselected forms.

For forms with multiple sections (for example, the 1004 Single Family 2005), click Details and select the sections to print.
  1. Select the print options and click OK to generate the PDF.

Print Empty Pages – Select to include blank pages when printing. Deselect to exclude blank pages.
Reverse Print Order – Select to print forms in order from last to first. Deselect to print forms in order from first to last.
Open File When Done – Select to automatically open the .PDF File in Adobe Acrobat Reader after printing. Deselect to print the file to .PDF without opening it.

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