Printing to a Printer

  1. Open a report.
  2. Click File > Print, or click the Print icon, or press CTRL+P on the keyboard.
  3. Select the Print Components.

Select all – Includes all forms.
Deselect all – Deselects all forms. Manually select the forms to print.
Invert – Automatically deselects the previously selected forms and selects the previously unselected forms.

  1. Select print options and click OK.

Copies – Click the number next to the component and enter the number of copies to print.
Printer Select – the printer for the Form.
Print Empty Pages – Select to include empty pages when printing. Deselect to exclude empty pages.
Reverse Print Order – Select to print forms in order from last to first. Deselect to print forms in order from first to last.
Overall Copies – Select the number of total copies to print.


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