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How to Create/Delete Print Schemes

Create and save custom printing preferences using Print Schemes. Print Schemes can help you save time. Once a Print Scheme is set up, the scheme is available for future print jobs; the selection of specific pages, number of copies, and overall print copies is not necessary. Custom Schemes are available for use based on the main form type. Example:  If a scheme was created for the Single Family Report Pak, that print scheme will be available for any Report Pak in which the 1004 Single Family 2005 is the main form.

Creating Print Schemes

  1. Open a report.
  2. Click File > Print, or click the Print icon, or press CTRL+P on the keyboard.
  3. Select the Print Components.

Select all – Includes all forms.
Deselect all – Deselects all forms. Manually select the forms to print.
Invert – Automatically deselects the previously selected forms and selects the previously unselected forms.

  1. Select print options.

Copies – Click the number next to the component and enter the number of copies to print.
Printer Select – the printer for the Form.
Print Empty Pages – Select to include empty pages when printing. Deselect to exclude empty pages.
Reverse Print Order – Select to print forms in order from last to first. Deselect to print forms in order from first to last.
Overall Copies – Select the number of total copies to print.

  1. Click Save As, enter the Print Scheme name, and click OK to save.
  2. Click OK to print the report, or click Cancel to exit the Print Components dialog box.


Deleting Print Schemes

  1. Click File > Print.
  2. Select the Scheme and click Delete.
  3. Click Yes to confirm deletion, or click No to cancel.
  4. Click Cancel to exit the Print Components window.
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