Exporting Comparables to Research

  1. Click Comps > Export to ACI.
  2. Select the properties to export, select Add to Neighborhood (optional), and click Export.

Do not check for duplicatesSelecting this option adds the selected comparables to Research regardless if duplicate records exist in the database.
Launch ResearchSelecting this option automatically opens Research when comparables are exported.
Do not include photos – Selecting this option exports the comparable data to Research without the comparable photos.

  1. If the property exists in the Research database, select Add a new property, Overwrite existing property, or Do not export comp, and click OK. A response is required for each selected property.

Add new property – Adds a new copy of the comparable data to the database. Retaining older copies of property data is useful for retrospective appraising.
Overwrite existing property – Replace the existing comparable data with the current data.
Do not export comp – Comparable data is not exported.


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