Using Property CrossCheck

Property Crosscheck provides a history of the property found in your ACI Research Database to ensure that you’re using the most accurate and up-to-date information. This feature highlights any discrepancies so you can reconcile the information before you update the grid. Fewer discrepancies translate into fewer correction requests from your clients.

Avoid “self-discrepancy” messages in the UCDP findings with a simple keyboard shortcut, CTRL+K from within the comps grid. This quick-key launches Property CrossCheck in ACI Report, a feature that enables you to:

  • Preview the comparable data from your records.
  • Compare discrepancies and replace all of the data with one click.
  • Merge the data and fill in the gaps.

How to Enable Auto-Property CrossCheck

  1. Open ACI Research.
  2. Go to Options > Settings.
  3. Check Enable Auto-Property CrossCheck in Report.
With this setting enabled, whenever a property address is entered Property CrossCheck will quickly search your Comp database and prompt you to import.
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