Welcome to our FAQ section, a curated collection of answers to the most common questions you might have about our ACI Collection Suite

Can I view two different forms at the same time?

Yes! – Right-click on a form in the components list to the left, then go to New View and click Multi Monitor to open it in a new window.

How do I create a PDF of the invoice?

With the report open, click File > Print Adobe PDF. Click Deselect All. Check the box for the Invoice and check the box for Print Empty Pages, then click OK.

Why is this field in my report showing in red?

The text does not fit in the field. You can use a smaller font (right-click the field > Font > Size), delete some text, or move some text to the addendum. Note: If the field is still red after removing some text or using a smaller font, right-click in the field and select Clear Field, then retype the text into the field.

How do I get my flood map to bring up the right location?

Use Sky Maps to create and save a location map to the report, then try Sky Flood again.

I added a photo to my report and now it is on two different pages. When I try to remove one of them, it removes both. How can I fix this?

To resolve this issue, click File > Add/Remove Forms. Remove the two photo pages and click Save. Go back to File > Add/Remove Forms. Add the photo pages back into your report and save again. You will need to re-import the photos for these pages.

How do I pass the UAD Review Master rules with a Trainee signature?

On the signature page, use the Other field and type the word Trainee. Alternatively, in the Other field type Provisional and in the State # field type the trainee license # should they have one. Some states provide a trainee with a provisional license # while they are training under another appraiser. It will pass UAD compliance with an instructional error.

How do I update my Appraiser License expiration date in the ACI Software?

Open ACI Track. Go to Databases > Appraisers. Select the appraiser's name, then hit Edit. Update the expiration date and click OK.

What forms can be converted to MISMO XML?

MISMO 2.6 GSE Supported Forms 1004 Single Family 2010 UAD 1073 Condominium 2010 UAD 2055 Exterior Inspection 2009 UAD 1075 Exterior Condominium 2009 UAD MISMO 2.6 Errata Supported Forms 1025 Small Res Income 2010 1004C Manufactured Housing 2010 2090 Co-op 2010 2095 Exterior Co-op 2009 *216 Operating Income Statement *1004D Appraisal Update 2010 *1007 Rent Survey *2000 One Unit Field Review *2000A Multi Field Review 2005 *2075 FNMA Appraisal *LAND2