ACI Report – Pro Tips

Every time we attend appraiser expos, we always dazzle ACI users with some quick tips or keyboard shortcuts that they didn’t know existed in ACI Report. The truth is that Report is a powerful platform with a vast list of features and functions that can propel you to the next level of report writing.

Here’s a list of “Power User” shortcuts that can make your life easier and help you breeze through reports.

Paging (CTRL+Page Up CTRL+Page Down)

If you’re a keyboard driven user who hates to take precious time navigating through the report with your mouse, this is your go-to shortcut. Using the Control and Page Up/Down keys can save you ample time when navigating through your report.

Go to Section (F4)

The Go to Section function allows you to do just that. Select F4 while clicked on the main form and jump to a particular section (similar to selecting one of the tabs at the bottom of your software).


If you’re all done with an appraisal and ready to sign and deliver, just use the Sign shortcut to complete that function and move on to review. You don’t even need to be on the signature page to complete the signing process.


Quickly launch the Gallery when you’re ready to insert property photos. With the Gallery open you can still navigate through your report uninterrupted and drag and drop images into your report in a snap.

File Lister (CTRL+SHIFT+O)

If you’re not using File Lister, you’re really missing out. The File Lister tool can quickly filter through your appraisal report archive. We even set up some predefined view and search schemes to make it easy to get started. Here’s a previous post to delve deeper into the robust functionality of File Lister.

Now you’re all set to use ACI Report like a power user. For more tips and tricks, take one of our online training classes. We’re now offering classes EVERY day, and they’re only 20-minutes long.