On the Move with ACI OpenHouse

April 20, 2021

Last year in support of social distancing, we launched ACI OpenHouse™. This innovative inspection tool was designed for an appraiser to facilitate an exchange with an inspection contact to collect property data that includes photos and responses to a short survey. Today, appraisers are conducting the inspection without a third party, but are still benefiting from using OpenHouse to collect property data and photos that import directly into an appraisal report.

Follow these 3 easy steps to use ACI OpenHouse on your next inspection, and eliminate unnecessary retyping of inspection data and image handling.

1. Before You Go to the Inspection:

  • Open or create a report that contains a Subject Property address.
  • Click eServices > ACI OpenHouse > Property Survey Request.
  • Select New Survey Request and enter or verify Subject Street Address.
  • Enter your email information for both Property Contact’s Email and Your Email boxes.
  • You will receive an email with a Survey link and an email with a Survey Access Code.

2. On Inspection:

  • From a phone or mobile device, open your property survey link from the email. Internet connection is required.
  • Answer the questions pertaining to the property and take photos.
  • Once finished, hit Submit to complete the survey.

3. Back at the Office:

  • You will receive an email with the Survey Access Code once the survey is complete.
  • Open the corresponding report and go to: eServices > ACI OpenHouse > Property Survey Request.
  • Select Retrieve Survey Responses.
  • Copy and paste your access code and click OK to import survey data and photos.

ACI OpenHouse is secure, simple to use, and is already included with an active ACI membership. Click to view the full ACI OpenHouse Reference Guide.

*ACI OpenHouse can be used for any ACI report. Full data mapping is supported in the standard GSE and FHA forms. Other forms may require some data input through the work file document that is delivered through ACI OpenHouse.