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Navigating the SureStep® mobile App

Today Page

  • When you log into SureStep mobile, you will be taken to the Today page.
  • Late orders and inspections scheduled for today are displayed on this page.
  • Tap Driving Directions to get GPS directions to the Subject Address.
  • Start Inspection opens the Site page where you can begin to enter data.

Bottom Nav Bar

  • The Calendar takes you to the Today page.
  • The Clipboard opens the New category on the Orders page.
  • The Person brings you to the Preferences page.
  • The active section is indicated by an orange icon.

Orders Page

  • Tap the Clipboard icon for the Orders Page.
  • Use top buttons for different order categories.
  • Tap an order to view its Inspection Page.
  • Swipe right to left to remove or hold an order.
  • Collect data in any category before or after inspection.


  • Tap the Person icon to manage app settings.
  • Select Logout to log out.
  • Use Sync Settings to sync inspection data to your account.
  • App allows syncing every five minutes.
  • Photos are stored in app and device by default.
  • Toggle Store Photos to No to save photos in app only.
  • View app version on this screen.
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