Sky Delivery™ & Sky Review™

Risk analysis, above and beyond checklist routines.
Best-in-class digital quality control and compliance suite leverages ACI dynamic PAR® Logic rules engine to assess integrity, quality and completeness while reducing exceptions via real-time alerts at file submission and review, expediting the appraisal review process.

Advanced Valuation Technology

  • Automates manual processes, reducing appraisal review touchpoints and revision rates of orders.
  • Ensures cleaner reports for review with checks for compliance around completeness, correctness and consistency of the data
  • Identifies risk items that require attention or analysis
  • Leverages thousands of configurable rules with customizable logic providing automated review against thousands of data points tailored to each assignment
  • Provides a review output that can be leveraged for audit compliance, demonstrating to any interested party what review was completed on an order.

Lenders and National Appraisal Companies

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