Choice Credits™

Choice Credits™ is a pay-per-use service that provides flexibility to ACI and CRAL appraisers by eliminating the need to subscribe to multiple services.  Choice Credits will also work across multiple machines registered to the same account.

Access Flood Maps, Location Maps, Cost Approach lookups and PDF/XML import functions across multiple computers.


An active ACI or CRAL Membership is required to purchase.

50 Choice Credits


100 Choice Credits


250 Choice Credits


500 Choice Credits


1,000 Choice Credits


2,500 Choice Credits


ACI Sky™ Maps – 1 credit per use (includes Aerial)

ACI Sky™ Flood –  2 credits per use

AppraiserBASE™ – Cost Data – 16 Credits per use

PDF Import eService – 4 credits per use

XML Import eService – 4 credits per use