WebUpdate for OpenHouse and AppraisalPort

May 21, 2020

ACI OpenHouse™ and the AI Ready/AppraisalPort eService enhancements are now available in WebUpdate. These new updates provide efficiency and security improvements that impact the COVID-19 appraisal flexibilities recently extended through June 30.

The COVID-19 addenda in ACI One (GSE2020 and FHA2020 forms) have been enhanced to support AppraisalPort delivery. These add-in forms are the preferred method for AppraisalPort assignments that require the COVID-19 addenda, and replace the “copy/paste” routine previously used. If you need assistance adding the appropriate COVID-19 addenda to your appraisal report, click here for instructions.

ACI OpenHouse has been in the field for a month now and the feedback from appraisers is extremely valuable in developing an inspection solution that works for all stakeholders. The latest update includes user-friendly enhancements and security improvements that simplify remote data collection and auto-population of inspection data into the appraisal report.

With the recent industry focus on virtual inspections, it’s an ideal time to become familiar with OpenHouse. ACI is involved with a number of clients in the market deploying the solution for assignments that support social distancing and greater flexibility in the appraisal process. To learn more, click here for the ACI OpenHouse reference guide.

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Thank you!