Thank You for Attending ACI Customer Appreciation Week!

October 18, 2022

Thank you for attending ACI’s First Annual “Let’s Celebrate You!” Customer Appreciation Week 2022! We are so glad you could join us for this event. Last week, we gave you the opportunity to grow your knowledge and business through keynote addresses from top minds in the industry, product showcases, AMC spotlights, focused content discussions, and fun with ACI BINGO and giveaways. We hope you enjoyed the experience and received beneficial information for you and your business.

Keynote Speaker: Alan Hummel, SRA

Keynote Speaker: Lyle Radke - Fannie Mae

Keynote Speakers: Danny Wiley & Scott Reuter - Freddie Mac

Product Showcase: ACI Zingers & More

Featuring Andy Priestap

Product Showcase: DataTree

Featuring Danny Reyes and Hermes Cubias

Product Showcase: SureStep® mobile

Featuring Andy Priestap

Product Showcase: Spark for Appraisers

Featuring Brandon Reich

Product Showcase: DataMaster

Featuring Keven Ewell

AMC Spotlight: Accurate Group

Featuring Frank Guarnera, Lisa Gerding, Laura Fox, and Ben Wiant

AMC Spotlight: Consolidated Analytics

Featuring Jeffrey Rauland and Lisa Stratton

AMC Spotlight: International Valuation Group

Featuring Chris Hunt

AMC Spotlight: LRES

Featuring Mark Johnson and Jill Haro

AMC Spotlight: Nationwide Appraisal Network

Featuring Stacy Caprioli and Joshua Henriquez

AMC Spotlight: PCV Murcor

Featuring David Schiffmayer and Michael Baz

AMC Spotlight: ServiceLink

Featuring Erin Reed and Manda Tyson

AMC Spotlight: Voxtur

Featuring Ernie Durbin, Jeff Harnish, and Danny Regalado

The Future of the Appraisal Industry

Featuring Justin Alexander, Alan Hummel, Chris Hunt, and Jeremy Staudenmaier

Congratulations to all of our Let’s Celebrate You! winners!

Grand Prize Winner of a free one-year ACI Membership (a $649 value):

Mindy Wells

BINGO Winners of $50 off their next renewal:

Todd Cox
Danielle Weichert
Lisa Jordan
Quinn Loc
Daniel Mishkit
John Tilton
Kaitlyn Allen
David Barton     
Douglas Mazzola
Bill Torrence
Linda Allyn-Wellborn
Valerie Else
Kelly Karbowski
Ginette McInosh

Maria Vanderbyl
Karen Cassar
Diane Beisel
Theresa Forrest
Tabrizi Mohajer
Ginger Yamaguchi
Gary Cripe
Sherry Davidson
Robert Headrick
Tony Low
Serenity Henson
Steven Chermak
Samantha Loc
Michelle Muffly-Condon

Thank you for your partnership and for being a valued customer.

We appreciate you!

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