Customer Appreciation Week 2022 | Product Showcase Spotlight

September 27, 2022

Product Showcase Spotlight

Tuesday, October 3rd, we will showcase upcoming technology releases from ACI and our industry partners designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your appraisal business.

Here is a sneak peek of our product lineup. Register today to save your seat!

9:00 am ET

ACI Product Expert, Andy Priestap, shares tips and tricks for navigating ACI’s appraisal software.

11:00 am ET

Danny Reyes, Karen Ayala, & Hermes Cubias share DataTree’s latest technologies and innovation search tools powered by First American’s most comprehensive database of property, homeownership information, and recorded document images.

1:00 pm ET

ACI Product Expert, Andy Priestap, shows a sneak peek of ACI’s newest mobile product.

3:00 pm ET

Built with appraisers in mind, Brandon Reich shares how Spark for Appraisers, a web-based data and analysis tool, saves you time on your appraisal reports with fast and accurate results.

5:00 pm ET

Keven Ewell shows how DataMaster’s integration with ACI imports data quickly and easily, making your appraisal business more efficient.

All ACI customers past, present, and future are invited to this complimentary virtual event!

All registered attendees will automatically be entered to win the grand prize – a one year ACI software membership ($649 value).

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