Inspections, Safety, and ACI OpenHouse

December 8, 2020

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac recently extended the temporary COVID flexibilities through December 31, 2020. With that said, this is a good time to remind ACI appraisers of how helpful ACI OpenHouse™ can be in a time like this. ACI OpenHouse is a remote inspection app that easily enables ACI Report users to remotely collect data and images from the property owner and directly import the data into a desktop or exterior only inspection appraisal report.

ACI OpenHouse is designed as an easy-to-use web app with the primary purpose to collect property information from a series of questions including photos. In just a few clicks you can email the property owner an invitation with a link to inspect the property.

To generate an email invitation:

  • Use the top menu bar in ACI Report and navigate: eServices | ACI OpenHouse | Property Survey Request.

Once completed, the inspection is securely delivered back to the appraiser and pertinent information is populated back into the appraiser’s report.

Interested in testing it first? Simply email yourself a Property Survey Request and play the role of the property owner and discover how streamlined and simple the process can be.

ACI OpenHouse is FREE to all ACI clients with an active service agreement.