Client Code is Your Key

May 25, 2021

Save Time with Your ACI Client Code


Did you know your ACI Client Code is your connection to Customer Support, the ACI Webstore, and Chat? Use your ACI Client Code to access and expedite any of these services. In today’s Tech Tuesday, we’ll show you how.


Locating your Client Code in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Launch ACI Report
  2. Click Help on the menu bar
  3. Click Product Registration to display your Client Code


More quick tips for using your Client Code with ACI:


  1. Maps: Save time and bypass Customer Support to purchase location maps and flood maps on the ACI Webstore.
  2. Chat: Chat is great for answering quick questions and continues to grow in popularity. To better serve you, enter your Client Code in the Company ID field on the Chat form.
  3. ACI Membership: If you have an Individual Membership that is up for renewal, watch your inbox for an email to renew your membership online.


Now that you’ve found your Client Code, keep it handy and use it the next time you connect with ACI!