SureStep® sketch: Creating Floorplans With Efficiency

March 15, 2022

Why digitize a manual task? To do it quicker, do it once and reduce errors that can occur in manual processes. One consistent complaint we hear throughout the profession revolves appraisals that get sent back to the appraiser for minor edits and revisions related to consistency between the subject property description in the appraisal, and the sketch page. With ACI’s new SureStep® sketch, appraisers, inspectors and Realtors can create accurate, data-driven floorplan sketches in the field.

Using SureStep® sketch, the user can walk through a property and build a floorplan on a tablet or a smartphone, and simultaneously capture many of the key data elements required to populate the description of the subject structure. The property data captured in the floorplan (number of rooms, floors, dimensions, amenities, etc.) is automatically fed directly into the form, but is also retained as distinct data in the digital file,. This allows for a more comprehensive data validation using ACI’s industry leading compliance rules. So, an appraiser or an inspector can complete reports faster and field fewer calls from AMCs questioning why the report says three bedrooms and the sketch shows two.

SureStep® sketch digitizes and automates critical inputs in the appraisal process in both the field and the office. Users can build a floorplan using pre-defined shapes and labels, while simultaneously capturing key inspection data required for an appraisal or property report, all in an intuitive and easy-to-use application.

This unique floorplans-on-phones approach can eliminate discrepancies and inconsistences that often occur between the data on an appraisal form and the sketch. SureStep® sketch will reduce the need for back-and-forth with clients over quality issues, while enabling users to produce reports faster and with fewer errors. Best of all, SureStep sketch provides the real estate professional with the all the features necessary to create floorplans that meet the standards set by Fannie Mae for Desktop Appraisals.

SureStep® sketch can be used as a stand-alone web app on a mobile device and is also integrated directly with ACI Report seamlessly connecting sketch data gathered in the field immediately with the user’s ACI Report software in the office. Sketch can be used across all ACI products offering users a consistent user experience on all their devices. Visit to learn more about SureStep sketch.