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SureStep® mobile Data Entry

1. Open an order.
2. Tap on Site, Exterior, Interior, Add ADU, Additional Details, or Final Ratings.
3. Enter data with the photo buttons, freeform fields, QuickFill lists, checkboxes and radio buttons.

Click here to see how to create and save custom responses to the QuickFill lists.
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1. Open a QuickFill list
2. Tap Type to add to your QuickFill list…
3. Enter the custom response
4. Tap the + to save it
5. Select a condition, if applicable
6. Tap Done


4. Additional photos and notes can be added with the large + button at the bottom-right.
5. Tap Save and Proceed to move to the next section of the inspection.
6. Launch SureStep sketch from any section by tapping Sketch at the bottom of the screen.
7. Return to your inspection from the sketch by tapping Inspection below the sketch.
8. Finish your inspection by tapping the Inspection Complete button from Final Ratings.

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