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Net & Lck File Cleanup Utility

Net & Lck File Cleanup is a utility that we include with our software that will safely clean up unused transient files left over from ACI Report, Track, and Research.

To run the Net & Lck File Cleanup Utility, please follow these steps:

  1. Close out all ACI-related applications and reboot your computer.  When it is back up, do not open any programs.
  2. Click on the Start Menu, then ACI Collection 32, and select Net & LCK Cleanup.
  3. Select Local Drive only* and then click on Start.
  4. Once finished the Start and Exit buttons will be available. Click Exit.

*Select “Local and Network drives” if you are connected to a network drive for file sharing. Selecting “Local and Network drives” will require all users to remain out of ACI while this service is being performed.

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