UAD Garage/Carport Updates

Starting January 2, 2014, new UAD requirements will take effect including updates to the reporting of Design(Style) and Garage/Carport.

The new Garage/Carport formatting is a bit more complex. You are still required to select the Car Storage Types – Checkbox(es) designated with an ‘x’ on page one. You then must indicate the # of Cars – numeric to 2 digits in whole numbers only for each storage type. Below are the parking types for a Single Family home.

Abbreviated Entry Parking Type
ga Attached Garage
gd Detached Garage
gbi Built-In Garage
cp Carport
dw Driveway

You can enter any combination of parking types followed by the # of spaces. DO NOT place a space or semicolon between entries for a Single Family home.


  • 1cp
  • 2ga2dw
  • 1ga2gd1dw
  • 1ga1gd1gbi1cp2dw

On the other, for a condo you should make your selections on on page one designated with an ‘x’. Then in the grid you are required to identify the Parking Type from the below abbreviations (if there is no off-street parking, enter “None”).

Abbreviated Entry Parking Type
g Garage
cv Covered
op Open

After each applicable parking type, insert the # of spaces. For condo only, you are able to insert a semicolon and a text description as needed.


  • 2g
  • 1g1cv
  • None
  • None; street permit
  • 1g1cv; 1 Owned

Make sure to run WebUpdates as a part of your weekly routine to continue working with the latest release. If you have let your support contract lapse, call 800-234-8727 to speak to a sales representative or visit the My Account page to renew your subscription. Download the updated Appendix D: Field-Specific Standardization Requirements for more information.