Ten reasons ACI is the Best in the Business!

It’s more than the hundreds of bells and whistles we have put into ACI software over the years, or that ACI is more intuitive and runs faster than the competition. ACI is focused squarely on key items that are meaningful and relevant to everyday appraisers. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. We’re open for business on weekends.
  2. Public Record & Census Tract Data included with every membership plan.
  3. Free import of FEMA Flood Zone data including zone, map #, and map data.
  4. Unlimited Flood Maps included with the Individual Premier Membership.
  5. ACI Analytics adds professionalism and validation to your appraisal reports.
  6. We were founded by an appraiser, Rich Heyn, SRA. He continues to help ACI appraisers stay informed on compliance and appraisal practice with blogs, webinars, and even live classes!
  7. Easily import all data from previous reports – photos, maps, and addendums from any competing software.
  8. 1 GB of FREE online storage – over 10 times the amount of other brands.
  9. ACI Sky Maps and Sky Flood are powered by Google Maps™ – including Street View.
  10. Our all-inclusive Individual Membership package has it all for only $649 per year.

And now for the kicker…

ACI Sky, a completely web-based appraisal platform will allow you to create and deliver full appraisal reports on the web using Apple, Windows, tablet or even a smart phone. We are the company taking appraisers into the future of valuation. Choose ACI and align yourself with a company for now and for the future. Jump on board and catch the ride!

Here are some quotes from our clients that keep us smiling and motivated to work even harder!

As always, ACI Tech Support is the best! In this case, the solution saved me a lot of hours.”
The new Weighted Sales Calculator is a fantastic addition to the software!”

Thank you for ACI Analytics. My reports are much more professional and substantiated.”
Your service and customer reps far surpass what others provide. Thank you, ACI, for many years of great service.”

I just love ACI Sky Maps, thank you, thank you, thank you. Sky Maps is exceedingly better and has actually put a smile on my face…”
The outstanding support and endless professional knowledge is one of the main reasons I am an ACI client.”

The new Add-Remove Forms feature is very useful.”
Customer service and tech support are always great in resolving my issues. I get advertisements from a la Mode to switch, but why would I? You guys are great!”


To start using ACI today, call our sales team at 800-234-8727 or email us and we’ll be happy to help you.