An intuitive interface makes ACI Sketch™ the best choice in sketching software available today.

[iconbox title=”Auto-Complete” icon=”97-puzzle-piece.png”]Press the F9 key to have ACI Sketch suggest up to three different ways to close the current area. Choose one of the solutions provided or cancel to return to sketching as normal.[/iconbox] [iconbox title=”To the Point” icon=”122-stats.png”]ACI Sketch provides all the tools you need without the extras that you don’t, keeping the user-interface simple, straight-forward and efficient to use.[/iconbox] [iconbox title=”Get Organized” icon=”260-count.png”]From the symbols and labels tray, re-order, create and delete any symbol or text label with a right-click of your mouse. It’s just that easy![/iconbox]
[iconbox title=”Photometrics” icon=”86-camera.png”]Photometrics allows you to import a floor plan or photograph and trace over the image.[/iconbox] [iconbox title=”Symbols and Labels” icon=”52-pine-tree.png”]No need to select individual labels or bodies of text for editing. Use the text selection feature in ACI Sketch to select all text labels or dimensions at once to quickly modify the font and size.[/iconbox] [iconbox title=”Define an Area” icon=”161-calculator.png”]The smart proportions tools in ACI Sketch quantifies wall lengths from one defined length.[/iconbox]
Active support contract required with purchase. System Requirements: ACI2010™ +