The complete real estate appraisal software solution with all the tools to run your business.

[iconbox title="ACI Sketch" icon="240-sketchbook.png"]The sketching software that lets you quickly draw a floor plan and automatically calculate the total square footage and perimeter distance of your subject.[/iconbox]

[iconbox title="UAD Compliance" icon="54-lock.png"]Compliance features help you easily transition to the new GSE requirements. Producing UAD-compliant reports is a simple task with ACI Report. You will find adopting UAD responses into your workflow both intuitive and seamless.[/iconbox]

[iconbox title="ACI eServices" icon="38-airplane.png"]Appraisal delivery plug-ins embedded into ACI Report. These services marry appraisal delivery to a multi-level rules engine which reduces exceptions using real-time alerts prior to appraiser sending the report file.[/iconbox]

[iconbox title="Location Maps" icon="103-map.png"]Powered by Google Maps™, easily create aerial maps to use in your reports for better visual representation of properties.[/iconbox]

[iconbox title="Market Conditions Analysis" icon="17-bar-chart.png"]This tool is great for organizing and classifying data. Once the data is selected from your MLS provider, import directly to the 1004MC.[/iconbox]

[iconbox title="Plug-ins Made Easy" icon="36-toolbox.png"]Choice Credits are flexible pay-per-use digital currency you can use to purchase plug-ins including AppraiserBASE™, S.M.A.R.T., Sky Flood™, Market Conditions Addendum eService, PDF Import and more.[/iconbox]


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