Everything You Need

Everything You Need

We’ve kicked our business into overdrive with a slew of new products and services! ACI is back on top with improved service, modern technology, incredible pricing, and an all-inclusive Individual Premier Membership*. All to make it easier to do business with us, and provide you with the tools to get your appraisals done faster and better.


Get ALL of this for one low price:


  • Over 500 Forms (US & Canadian)
  • PAR® Logic Compliance Review (Including CU Rule Messages)
  • XML Import (Yes, we do this too!)
  • Side-by-Side Comp Calculator (Adjustment Worksheets)
  • Multi-Monitor Technology
  • UAD Compliance
  • UAD Interactive Guidance
  • Secure Digital Signature – Password protected
  • Integrated Worksheet Calculators
  • In-App Help
  • Extract (Field, Section or Report)
  • Common Responses
  • File Lister – Comps Database
  • ACI Track – Client Management
  • Reasonable Fee Calculator
  • Comps Grid Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Photo Management


  • The Power of Google Maps™
  • Automatic Aerial Map (UNLIMITED)
  • Sky Maps (UNLIMITED)
  • Sky Flood (UNLIMITED)
  • Google Street View Images
  • Hybrid and Street View (For Location & Flood)
  • Neighborhood Boundaries
  • LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment)

File Storage

  • Automatic Backup File Retrieval
  • Sky Box (1GB of Cloud Storage)


  • ACI Sketch™
  • Photometrics (Trace Photos or Blueprints)
  • Symbols and Labels
  • Arcs and Angles
  • Updates and Support

Data Import

  • MLS Import (We’ll Map It!)
  • MISMO XML Import (Translates ALL other software brands)
  • PDF Import (Translates ALL other software brands)


  • PDF Printing
  • AMC Connect (Real EC, Streetlinks, LenderX, Finiti and SFS)

Support & Training

  • Live Phone Support (8AM – 8PM ET Monday – Friday)
  • Weekend Support (9AM – 5PM ET Saturday and Sunday)
  • Online Chat (9AM – 5PM ET Monday – Friday)
  • Free Webinars & Blogs on everything from UAD Compliance to Software How-To’s

[hr_invisible]Call or email ACISales@aciweb.com to purchase this plan.


* The Individual Membership Plan is only for a single user, not per company.

eServices include:

  • ACI Sky Data
  • ACI Analytics
  • Phoenix Mobile
  • Full eServices (Includes AI Ready™)