ACI Sky Delivery

ACI Sky Delivery is a vendor-facing appraisal delivery portal that can be branded and integrated directly into enterprise vendor management platforms. This best-of-breed solution combines the appraisal delivery process with PAR® Logic rules, ACI’s multi-tiered rules engine which reduces exceptions using real-time alerts prior to
sending the file.



  • Web interface for appraisal delivery
  • Multiple upload formats including ACI, MISMO® XML, and PDF
  • Support of industry forms for translation and delivery
  • Real-time appraiser-facing rules to reduce exceptions
  • PAR Logic rules check for errors,omissions, compliance, and more


  • Client-specific appraisal rules
  • Ability to scan fields for comments that do not pass lender requirements
  • Industry rules, UAD rules, and custom rules may be combined
  • Appraiser license status in real-time
  • USPS address validation performed on subject and comparables


  • Empowers QC team to focus on exceptions
  • Quick-to-market custom solution
  • Direct integration with order management platform
  • Low cost transaction based pricing
  • Integration with ACI Report