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ACI Sky leverages PAR® Logic, a comprehensive collateral risk rules platform that is a key component across all of the ACI enterprise solutions. PAR Logic includes an extensive library of rules that span across multiple categories designed to reduce exceptions and highlight potential risk.



  • Appraiser-facing rules with hard stops, cautions, and acknowledgments
  • PAR Logic screens for correctness, completeness, compliance, and consistency
  • UAD Compliance, Valuation Risk, and Custom rules
  • Automatic movement to report field when double-clicking on a rule message


  • Manage rules internally using the PAR Logic rules interface
  • Drive compliance and reduce exceptions
  • Streamline QC by leveraging appraiser-facing rule responses


  • Aggregate rule results in ACI Analytics
  • Identify Top 10 PAR Logic rule infractions in ACI Analytics
  • Highlight problem appraisers using PAR Logic rule results using the integrated data dashboard
  • Review report files anywhere, anytime using the Desktop Reader